Services available for people who are not Visually Impaired but find it difficult to hold a Newspaper or Magazine due to age or Disability

Both the Newspaper and Magazine, that we produce weekly are both available via the Amazon  Alexa Smart Speaker. To use this  the Listener will require Broadband in their home. 

Once the Alexa Smart Speaker is linked 
to the Listeners Broadband (instructions are provided with the Alexa Smart Speaker) our service can be  accessed using the following commands:

Initially to set up say "Alexa enable my Talking Newspaper"

Alexa will then ask you which town to which you reply "Rotherham"

Once set up the two commands for playing our recordings are:

"Alexa play Rotherham Talking Newspaper" or

"Alexa play Rotherham Talking Magazine"

You can also listen to our weekly recordings on the internet by entering

into the Web Browser of your Computer, Pad, or Smartphone and pressing <Enter>