What we provide for people who are Visually Impaired

The two 80 minute recordings that are produced weekly are available to Listeners in 3 different formats.The first format is in the form of an audio cassette tape that can be played on any cassette player 




Secondly the Listener can receive their  weekly recordings on two CDs which can be played on CD players or DVD players.

Finally our weekly recording can be supplied on USB memory stick. These can be played on any computer, USB device, or on one of our special USB players shown below.


For Listeners wishing to receive our recordings on USB memory stick we can provide, FREE OF CHARGE, one of our memory stick players. These are specially designed for people with visual impairment. They are portable and produce excellent sound reproduction. 


Each type of recording is posted out weekly to the Listener in a pre labeled plastic pouch. The Listener then removes the recording(s) from the pouch and listens to them in their own time. Once the Listener has finished listening to the recording(s) they then replace in in the pouch, turn the address label over, and either place it themselves or get someone else to place it in the nearest post box. The pouches are sent and returned post free so there is no need to attached any stamps or pay for any postage.