Rotherham Talking Newspaper

Date of Formation


About the Service that we provide

Rotherham Talking Newspaper is a local registered charity that exists to provide a service to people, of any age, who are blind, visually impaired, or unable to hold and read a newspaper or magazine due to age or disability. The charity is operated by two part time staff and around 25 volunteers.

Every week we produce an 80 minute audio recording of local news, taken from the Rotherham Advertiser. In addition an 80 minute weekly magazine recording is also produced. 

By Wednesday of every week the audio recordings have been copied, packed into addressed pouches, transported to the local post office, and posted off to our listeners.

The service is totally FREE to Listeners and produced almost entirely by volunteers. We  distribute our recordings by post every week, on either audio cassette, CD, or USB Memory Stick, using the "Articles for the Blind" free postal service.

Over recent years we have tried to explore ways of offering our service to people who are not Visually Impaired but who cannot hold a Newspaper or Magazine due to Age or Disability. 

We can now offer our service to anyone who has a Broadband connection by virtue of the Amazon Alexa Intelligent Speaker System. 

Our service is also now available on any computer, pad, or Smart Phone using the Web Browser Service provided by Talking Newspaper Services